Farm Passes

U-Pick Flowers Farm Passes

COMING SOON: Holiday Sales for 2022 U-Pick Flowers Passes Begins November 1st!

How to Order A U-Pick Flowers Pass:

  • CALL US at (614)323-9320 or EMAIL US at to place your order and confirm the following details:
  • Let us know if you are ordering:
    • Vase Day Pass ($11)
    • Medium Bucket Day Pass ($22)
    • Large Bucket Day Pass ($33)
    • Vase Season Pass
    • Bucket Season Pass
    • Prices include tax and mailing costs.
  • Confirm the pass holder’s name that you would like printed on the card and the mailing address that you would like the pass mailed to.
  • Payment Options:
    • Pay online with a credit/debit card through the PayPal checkout below.
    • Pay with Venmo. Our Venmo business handle is @talismanfarm
    • Mail or drop off cash or check to:
      Talisman Farm LLC
      Kristin Flowers
      J579 County Line Road 1
      Custar, OH 43511

Day passes include the passholder’s vase or bucket and one u-pick flowers visit to the farm. Season passes include a vase or bucket for the passholder to bring to the farm one time per week, EVERY week the farm is open during our 2022 season. Season passes are available for purchase between November 1st through Mother’s Day. Spend time in the flower fields and fill your vase or bucket full with your favorite, farm-fresh flowers. Our traditional u-pick season runs during the months of July, August, & September. Opening weekend and closing weekend are decided upon by Mother Nature and the seasonal frost dates. Please follow along with us on Facebook or Instagram @talismanfarmflowers or our website where we will post our seasonal dates and hours. Your pass will be mailed immediately upon order. You will pick-up your vase or bucket during your first 2021 farm visit. Passes are non-transferable. The passholder must be present during use. The farm welcomes family and friends to join each other at the farm. There is no individual cover charge at the farm. When we are open for u-pick flowers we have vases and buckets available for sale for anyone who would like to pick additional flowers.

Vase Day Pass

Includes a glass vase and one u-pick flowers visit.



Medium Bucket Day Pass

Includes a medium bucket and one u-pick flowers visit.


Large Bucket Day Pass

Includes a large bucket and one u-pick flowers visit.


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